Thursday, 11 April 2013

Scottish Ficton Podcast - 10th April 2013

So I played it safe and it never quite made it onto the playlist for the show, however this is as much political commentary as you're getting.  I'll leave the rest for you to fill in.  To the music my good man, post haste!

And what marvellous music indeed, with oodles of new stuff woven through the fabric of our little show.  Expect new tracks from Michael Cassidy, Song Of Return, Quickbeam, Algernon Doll, Casual Sex and more!  Also in the mix is our 'Cover Lover' track, a Travis cover of a famous Matt The Hoople song, this week's 'Tweet-a-track' suggestion and a 'Re-Mixing It Up' number which is a Bis remix of Arab Strap.  Top drawer!  All this and much more in the land of Scottish Fiction.

Father Sculptor - Lowlands
DanDanDan - Terminator Salvation Pogo Stick
Atlas:Empire - Michy Valentino Sleeps With The Fishes
Michael Cassidy - The Men Who Stood Beside Me In The War
Middleton Hall - Belgain Onions

Tweet-a-track - Curators - Loose Lips Sink Ships - As chosen by @kowalskiy

Where We Lay Our Heads - Keanu Leaves
Magic Eye - Flamin' Teenage
Zed Penguin - This Town
Mt. Judge - Time Machines Pt. II
The New Fabian Society - Cyclothymia
Casual Sex - Stroh 80

Cover Lover - Travis - All The Young Dudes

Donald MacDonald & The Islands - Heart Ryan Can't Fix
Sparrow And The Workshop - The Faster You Spin
Vladimir - Bleed
Great Cop - Stop Hiding
Algernon Doll - Cassini
Washington Irving - Wandering Wits

Re-Mixing It Up - Arab Strap - Turbulence (Bis Remix)

Song Of Return - Torn Between The Tides
Quickbeam - Immersed
Cleavers - I Can't Wait Around For You

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