Tuesday, 23 April 2013

That's My Jam #6 - eagleowl - 'Not Over'

In August 2008 eagleowl released their début EP having been making music for a good few years beforehand.  On 13th May 2013 their début album 'This Silent Year' via Fence Records.  What's that about good things and waiting?

This track, 'Not Over' is the first track to be properly previewed ahead of the album release, and it's a soaring, emotional number, layered with beautiful instrumentation; strings, drums, guitars; and soft vocal harmonies which tug at the heart and hint at a sorrow behind the lyrics.

The album, which will be available on limited runs of CD with hand printed sleeve, booklet and beer mat (saves you using the sleeve) and on vinyl (incl. CD).  The band play two launch dates, firstly on 10th May in Edinburgh at the Pleasance, and then through in Glasgow on 12th May at The Glad Cafe.

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