Sunday, 7 April 2013

Video Killed The Radio Star - Round Up

Music videos. Yeah? Yeah!

Here's the second single from Michael Cassidy from his forthcoming album 'My Electric Heart'. It's a rather vintage feeling video, which tallies up nicely with the track 'The Men Who Stood Beside Me In The War'

Care for some Casual Sex?  Thought you might.  Here's the video for their debut single 'Stroh 80', which is out now on Moshi Moshi Records.  Yowsers!

Song Of Return have... returned.  Sorry that was painfully easy.  They will doing a Singles Club of sorts, putting out a few unreleased tracks available via their bandcamp for download for 50p.  Kicking things off is 'Torn Between The Tides' which is accompanied by this video.

Song of Return - Torn Between The Tides from Black Ash Media on Vimeo.

With their debut album finally given a release date, 3rd June 2013 via Comets & Cartwheels, Quickbeam are teasing us with this video for 'Immersed', the first track taken from the album

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