Sunday, 26 May 2013

That's My Jam #15 - Quickbeam - Grace

Ahead of the launch of their self titled début album Quickbeam have made this track, 'Grace', available to download for free.  The track is a piano led lesson in how to make stunning atmospheric music.  Soft vocals are woven into the wonderfully arranged track, which swells up and bursts like a balloon as the song goes on.  Quickbeam have dispelled the myth that to make music like this you have to be Icelandic and sing in made up languages.  Have a listen, it'll probably be the must beautiful thing you hear all day.

Quickbeam's debut album 'Quickbeam' is released via Comets & Cartwheels on 3rd June.  The album launch takes place at Govanhill Baths on 31st May.  Full details here.

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