Wednesday, 29 May 2013

That's My Jam #17 - Giant Fang - Aqualung

Aaaaaaah it's a Giant Fang!  Oh wait, it's not some kind of monstrous tooth, it's Glasgow musician and producer Douglas Wilson.  And rather than being big and bloodsucking, this Giant Fang sticks bloody great sounds like 'Aqualung' on the internet.  Although this track has been about for a few months, it's getting a release on 23rd June via POP unLTD

Wailing guitars and soaring synths punctuate the extended intro.  Wilson's vocal are at their strongest during the emphatic chorus and you can picture him wailing "the sun" over and over again, whilst spinning round in open field with the sun belting down.  The track has that 'freedom-of-the-summer' vibe and flavoured by the influence of M83.  Result!

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