Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bringing in the bells with... Algernon Doll

From humble beginnings Ewan Grant's Algernon Doll moniker has grown into a fully flegded three piece band with full on noise, and a respected DIY punk ethos.  Omphalic  was nudged into second spot on our Top 20 Scottish Albums of 2014 only by the mighty Twilight Sad, and the band have spent the latter part of 2014 over in the States recording with Shellac guitarist Steve Albini.

With 2015 peeking over the horizon, I caught up with Ewan from the band to chat about the year that was 2014 for Algernon Doll.

Hey guys, thanks for joining us for an end of year chat.  How has 2014 been for Algernon Doll?

It's been great fun.  We've added our new best friend, OJ, on the drums and subsequently become a much better live band.  We've gained a lot of support too.

How have the band progressed and changed from this time last year?

We're much more of a band now.  Writing new songs with OJ and Wull has lead to better dynamics in songs and jams.  We've changed what we do again and it's now more of a garage punk thing which I'm happy about.

Omphalic  was one of Scottish Fiction's favourite albums of 2014.  How do you feel about that body of work 6 months down the line?

To be honest, I'm bored to death of it!  That doesn't mean I'm not appreciative of all the support it's gotten and continues to get.  I think it's just because I wrote those songs a year or more ago.  I look back on the whole process with fond memories though and see it as a good document of my music at that time.

2014 has ended with the band over in Chicago recording your fourth album with the legendary Steve Albini.  How does it feel to be working with Steve?

It was pretty surreal for the first day or so but he's just a punk, albeit a very famous punk!  He's actually a genius too.  Watching him work is an experience I'll take a lot from and I think we've all grown as musicians from his honest 'get it right' approach.  I'm very excited about this record.

What's been your favourite Algernon Doll gig this year?

The fundraiser at Broadcast in November meant a lot to me as it showed how much people cared about this band and how they wanted to help.  It was also super fun with aw the crowd surfing!

What have you been listening to this year?

Recently I've been listening to a lot of old US punk bands like The Wipers, Didjits, Naked Raygun and a lot of Sleater Kinney as they are brilliant.

What constitutes an Algernon Doll Hogmanay?

For me, a night in with the dug and watching Only An Excuse!

Lastly, thanks for chatting to us, enjoy New Year, and all the best for 2015.  What can we expect from you next year?

Thank you for all the support!  Hopefully someone will put this record out in the US as well as at home.  We have some more US plans and non-stop touring!

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