Saturday, 6 December 2014

Single Review - Casual Sex - A Perfect Storm / Pissing Neon

Post-punk revivalists, Casual Sex, release their new double A side that juxtaposes A Perfect Storm, the most gentle and rounded Casual Sex have been, with Pissing Neon, as aggressive and impulsive as live favourite National Unity.

A Perfect Storm contains soft drums playing to a click-like percussion as phased guitars swirl over gentle synth backings.  The song is simple, but this only adds to its effectiveness with the infectious chorus balanced by simple guitar lines that ooze with laid back charm, leaving you wanting ever more repeats.

The hooky chorus of A Perfect Storm is replaced with vigour and energy in Pissing Neon.  The single note guitar lines are moved from vocal counter-melodies to driving riffs accompanied with stabbing chords, whilst the drums take a more prominent role pulling the song onwards with a sense of urgency.

The comparison between these two sides is what makes this a great double A, each track complements the other, revealing two very different sides to the band.

- Ashley Leiper

Casual Sex - A Perfect Storm / Pissing Neon is out now via We Can Still Picnic and is available on download and limited edition 7" vinyl here.

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