Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Single Review - The Amazing Snakeheads - Can't Let You Go

Following the release of their debut album Amphetamine Ballads  in April this year, The Amazing Snakeheads return with a fresh line up with frontman Dale Barclay as the only remaining member from the original band.  However, the change in personnel doesn’t seem to have caused any lasting damage to this band, but perhaps enhanced the erratic phenomena that trickles from their music.

Teasing, jovial guitar strings waltz in unassumingly as we’re introduced to Can’t Let You Go.  The introduction of Dale Barclay’s vocals are met somewhat perfectly with the volatile thrashing of cymbals and rich guitar notes and with that, the invigorating strangeness of The Amazing Snakeheads has fully polluted your mind, wondering what you’ve let yourself in for.

The hysteria contained within Can’t Let You Go  builds steadily as the four piece produce lazy but merrily teasing tones before all erupts and you’re firmly in the depths of hazy, punk-garage eccentricity.  Barclay’s beautifully husky vocals contain howls of conviction, authenticity and plenty of I-couldn’t-give-a-fuck-attitude.

The exceedingly infectious and aggressive guitar and cymbals produce a storm of grunge ecstasy and unadulterated nonsense.

- Melanie McKinlay 

The Amazing Snakeheads - Can't Let You Go  is out now via Domino Records on 7" vinyl or download and can be purchased here.

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