Friday, 15 June 2012

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 13th June 2012

Feeling as fresh as a two week old sandwich I shimmied into my new timeslot on Pulse Community Radio of Wednesday's between 8pm and 10pm.  Mark that one in your diaries folks!

This week's show featured some of the best acts I saw at last weekend's RockNess festival, plus music from the likes of Honey, Stanley Odd, Woodenbox, Seams and more!  Expect heavy plugging of our Scottish Fiction Presents Gig which takes place on Sunday, as we played a track from each of the performing artists.  There's also the Classic Scottish Album which comes from Boards Of Canada and our Featured Artist this week was Aereogramme.  Enjoy!

Miaoux Miaoux - Better For Now
Michael Cassidy - Til You
Admiral Fallow - Guest Of The Government
Stanley Odd - Get Out Ma Headspace
Biffy Clyro - Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

Classic Scottish Album - Boards Of Canada - An Eagle In Your Mind - Music Has The Right To Children

Queen Jane - All Together When We...
Errors - A Rumour In Africa
Woodenbox - Everyone Has A Price
Happy Particles - Offline Contact
Saint Death - Thompson's Daughter
Honey - Fantasist
Guillemots - Sao Paolo
Profisee - Magikal
Skippy Dyes - Help! Help! Imposter! [Live Version]
The Spook School - History (Alternative Summer Night Time Version)

Featured Artist
Aereogramme - Barriers
Aereogramme - Hatred

Seams - The Colour Purple

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