Saturday, 30 June 2012

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 27th June 2012

The seemingly shy chap above is the lovely Adam Ross from Randolph's Leap, who was my guest on this week's show.  Bringing with him a treasure trove of tracks to play, and also playing three live tracks, we chatted about Randolph's Leap and Scottish music in general.  Oh and Lloyd of Peenko / Olive Grove Records also pipped in now and again!

And if that wasn't enough we still had a plethora of new Scottish music from the likes of Rick Redbeard, Adam Stafford, Withered Hand, Battery Face and more!  Check it out!

George Harrison - Awaiting On You All

Adam Ross (Randolph's Leap) - Man I Feel Rough (Live)

The Tammys - Egyptian Shumba

Adam Ross (Randolph's Leap) - Sober (Live)

Arleta - Tora Th' Anoxio Ta Ftera

Adam Ross (Randolph's Leap) - I Can't Dance To This Music Anymore (Live)

Michael Hurley - Be Kind To Me

The Mouse That Ate The Cat - I Am The Hottest Fire
Beerjacket - Cave
Supermarionation - Choosing My Religion
Saint Max - A Life Worth Living
Capitol 1212 - Good Feelin'
GUMS! - A Long Walk In The Rain
Battery Face - Pugsley
PAWS - The Hospital Song
Rick Redbeard - Now We're Dancing
Adam Stafford - Vanishing Tanks
Waiting For Go - Let You Go
Withered Hand - A New Case

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