Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Scottish Fiction - 2nd Birthday Show

At the end of this month, it'll have been two years since I started broadcasting at Pulse Community Radio.  During that time the show has evolved into the Scottish Fiction show that you all know and love, and it's been truly a ball being able to play music I love, talk nonsense and welcome guests into the studio. 

Last year I welcome in Michael Cassidy, Julia Doogan and Shambles Miller to help me celebrate for a star studded show, which you can still hear right here.

This year it's a Pulse 98.4 FM extravaganza as I welcome three of the stations prized presenters onto the Scottish Fiction show to help me, and you, decided the best Scottish playlist ever.  Tough task?  That's why we need YOUR help!  More about that in a minute.

First let's meet the panel:

First up, is 'El Chairman', the esteemed head honcho here at Pulse Towers, Raymond Weir.  Making up the eye candy is the delightfully cheery Carolynne McKendry and completing our panel is Bobby Motherwell who brings a wealth of experience and musical knowledge.  I'll be overseeing everything and keeping this lot in check!

Each of our panel, myself included, have been asked to pick their favourite ten Scottish tracks.  On Wednesday 23rd January at 8pm on Pulse 98.4 FM we'll run through our choices, playing some and discussing the merits of each and what constitutes the best playlist.

Then it's over to you.  On this blog there will be a poll of all 40 tracks chosen by our panel, and for one week only you'll be able to vote for your favourites.  And on Wednesday 30th January at 8pm on Pulse 98.4 FM we'll reconvene to annouce the best Scottish playlist as chosen by you!

There'll be tantrums, laughs and a few surprise elements along the way.  Join us and join the debate!

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