Thursday, 24 January 2013

We're Only Here For The Banter - The Yawns

With male/female vocals, breezy summery vibes and an DIY attitude The Yawns are anything but boring.  You'll know by now that they headline our next Scottish Fiction Presents: AyeTunes vs, Peenko at The 13th Note on Saturday 26th January.  So before what is promising to be a most excellent night of live music, we caught up with Sean from the band for a quick chat.

Hello, how are you?

Hello, I'm good thanks.  It's Saturday evening, and I'm eating a takeaway pizza.  It literally doesn't get any better than this.  Even better than sex on fire.

It's the question everyone hates, but could you tell us a little bit about your music and your influences?

Peter Andre would have to be our biggest influence.  His back catalogue speaks for itself.  I guess our music would sound like the rolling stones if they fell over.

What's your song writing process like?

Start with a small chord produced by one, then jam it out.  Let it find clothes and get dressed.  Take it to the bank.

What could we expect to see from a live show?

Sprinkly drums with wispy guitars and big rolling bass.  Vocals by fragile woman man with bad truth.

If it were all to end tomorrow, what would you say has been your greatest achievement?

Maybe recording the album.  We are pretty happy with that.

You're off on tour in January, what are you most looking forward to about being on the road?

Looking forward to having an excuse not to shower for a week.  Really interested to find out what calibre of body odours we can exude.  I think it will be quite a high calibre and will smell like hot shit in a chip shop.

What else have you got planned for 2013?

We are going to record another album pretty soon after the tour, so that should be fun.  Got a song called 'She's My Dad' that I think could literally explode all over the place.

What other artists (Scottish or not) would you recommend to the Scottish Fiction readers?

Smack Wizards.  Siphon.  Septic Jags.

Thanks for speaking with us, would you care to share a joke with us?

You're welcome!  Of course.  Where do you put rubbish that's already happened?   In the been.

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The Yawns plays Scottish Fiction Presents: Aye Tunes vs. Peenko on Saturday 26th January at The 13th Note.  Get your tickets here


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