Friday, 11 January 2013

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 2nd January 2013

This podcast is our second one focusing on a round-up of all the was good and righteous in 2012.  Rather than look at albums, which we did on the last podcast, here we play out some of our favourite singles and EP's released last year.  There's music from The Spook School, Fat Goth, Michael Cassidy, So Many Animal Calls, Randolph's Leap and so much more!  Check it out and remind yourself of some of the great music released last year.

The Spook School - I Don't Know
Stanley Odd - Marriage Counselling
Michael Cassidy - Battleships
Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital
Aggi Doom - Cakewalk
Fat Goth - Debbie's Dirty Harry
Father Sculptor - Blue
Holy Esque - Tear
Julia And The Doogans - Diamonds
Martin John Henry - Span
Mitchell Museum - The Closer We Got The Harder We Fell
The New Fabian Society - Hate Fills The Day
North American War - Geraniums On A Spit
PAWS - Sore Tummy
PET - Wear Black
Plastic Animals - Yellowcraig
Quickbeam - Seven Hundred Birds
Randolph's Leap - Hermit
Rick Redbeard - Now We're Dancing
Saint Death - Thompson's Daughter
Shambles Miller - Confessions
So Many Animal Calls - Traps
The Son(s) - Roaring Round The House
RM Hubbert feat. Aidan Moffat & Alex Kapranos - Car Song

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