Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Campfires In Winter's Scottish Fiction Blog Takeover Day 2

                                   Campfires In Winter Wee Scottish Tour 
(Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness)

We began our wee Scottish tour on Tuesday and our first destination was Dundee’s Beat Generator.  This was our first trip up to Dundee so we were looking forward to it, especially because the tour was kicking off there.  As always, we went for a nice meal, opting for the wonderful Duke’s Corner where we all managed to stuff our faces with beautiful food before heading back to the venue.  We caught the sets of Two Thieves and Sierra Madre with the Sierra guys really surprising us as they have only been together 6 months but were already churning out some great tunes and showing some good potential.  The gig for us went well and we were all pretty happy with how it went.

Not long before the tunes started blaring.
On Thursday afternoon we all got together as it was time to head for Aberdeen with myself (Scott) behind the wheel.  With Boab's best "dance tunes" playlist blaring in the van it only seemed like we were on the road for about an hour before we'd arrived in Aberdeen.  We got to Tunnels just in time and it wasn't too long before we were on stage.  The venue started to fill up as ourselves took to the stage and the set went down very well indeed.  When we arrived at our digs for the night I quickly realised I'd left my bag of everything I needed in Wullie's house, two and a half hours back down the road.  Gutted wasn't a strong enough word to describe how I felt.  That's when I realised it was going to be a long few days...

A late night munch courtesy of McDonalds

Friday meant it was time to head further north to Inverness!  Denny volunteered to drive as the rest of us were dying from illness (not booze related).  After a couple of hours on the road we arrived safely.  There was a very quick turnaround between getting there, getting changed, and then heading to Mad Hatters for an early sound check.  We were due in HMV Inverness at 4:30pm for an unplugged acoustic set which went very well and we got a great reaction from shoppers and the store staff.  Before we played our own set we managed to catch the amazing RM Hubbert who was also playing upstairs from Mad Hatters in a very cosy room.  Every one of us absolutely loved it!!  After our own set we hung around in Mad Hatters, drank plenty of beer and danced into the early hours with Hubby himself and our good pals Duncan Overmeer and Jamie MacDonald.  It was a top class night and a real highlight of our tour!  The next morning we were due to play at an STV Appeal and we were all feeling the affects from the night before, but like the true professionals we are we soldiered on and done our wee bit for charity.  After saying goodbye to all our good pals from the north we headed south for Edinburgh...

Early morning gig in Inverness

STV Appeal gig.

Our good pals RM Hubbert, Duncan Overmeer and Jamie MacDonald
Catch up with us tomorrow to find out some more about the tour and some shenanigans. 

Night night :) 

Scott xxx

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