Saturday, 26 October 2013

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 23rd October 2013

After the distinct lack of beards on last week's show, into the studio came Ross Hoon owner of mighty fine facial hair and better known as Blue Rose Code.  We chatted about his trip to Nashville, his album North Ten, and the process of reconnecting with Scotland and it's culture.  In amongst that we managed to squeeze in three beautifully performed live tracks.  The second hour of the show is feature packed, with Re-Mixing It Up, Cover Lover and Tweet-a-track, plus new music from Plum, Roman Nose, The Leg and Saint Max & The Fanatics.  All the best new Scottish music packaged for your ears.

Washington Irving - Palomides

Karine Polwart - Salters Road - As chosen by Blue Rose Code

Blue Rose Code - From Wester Ross To Nova Scotia (Live in Pulse 98.4 Studio)

Willy Mason - Into Tomorrow - As chosen by Blue Rose Code

Blue Rose Code - Acquainted With The Night / Silent Drums (Live in Pulse 98.4 Studio)

Darrell Scott & Paul Brady - Shattered Cross - As chosen by Blue Rose Code

Blue Rose Code - One Day At A Time (Live in Pulse 98.4 Studio)

Rachel Sermanni - Black Hole
Dora Maar - Jessica Says
Saint Max & The Fanatics - Soul Surrender
Monoganon - Easterhouse

Re-Mixing It Up - Roy's Iron DNA - Only You (Stanley Odd Remix)

Plum - Death Comes With A Bow
Roman Nose - Coming For You
Donna Macoicia - Highlights

Tweet-a-track - Fire Engines - Get Up And Use Me - As chosen by @travisdurden

The Leg - Chicken Slippers

Cover Lover - The Shiverin' Sheiks - Guided Missles

Blindfolds - Lucid

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