Thursday, 3 October 2013

Campfires in Winter Takeover Day 3 - Recording Picture of Health.

We recorded our new EP Picture of Health up north in the beautiful surroundings of Balneden Steading in Tomintoul.  Being away from any and all distraction and focusing entirely on the EP was a truly amazing experience.  At home, we would need to struggle and negotiate around hectic work and college commitments in order to get one track down for one song.
Before we left for the awe inspiring, quiet seclusion of the Scottish Highlands, we decided to take this seriously.  We agreed to work hard and for as long into the wee hours as needed, we planned out what to do each day, left time for experimenting and accounted for any problems or errors that may arise. we even had a schedule for breakfast and tea breaks.  Indeed, before we left, we were determined and ready...

But then we did arrive and Denny and Scott got bored and bolted outside to play.

This was from our slot on MTV Cribs, we were caught a bit off guard.

Scott actually presented the Man vs Wild series well before that Bear radge became involved.  Sadly this was just before popularity picked up.  Shortly after this episode was filmed, Scott was sacked for his pine cone addiction. 

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