Tuesday, 29 October 2013

That's My Jam #25 - Mogwai - Remurdered

Holy fuck baws Batman!  Out of the blue this morning, seminal post-rockers Mogwai dropped a brand new, and free to download, track into the ether of the internet.  It's the first peek at their 7th studio album, Rave Tapes, which will be released on 20th January 2014 via the band's own label Rock Action Records.

Layering throughout, as only Mogwai can do, the track explodes at about 3 minutes in in a gooey synth melee.  Dance your insecurities away, dance and embrace the incredible opulence of Mogwai.

The track is available to download for free here, and Mogwai play as part of Celtic Connections on 28th January 2014.  Tickets available here.

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