Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Cassette Store Day - Scottish Fiction Releases

Cassette Store Day comes but once a year bringing with it a whole heap of exclusive lo-fi indie releases.  You know the drill, support your independent record shops, record labels, and local bands by coming out on Saturday 27th September and buying some cassettes.

So you may already have heard it through the grapevine, but Scottish Fiction have got not one but TWO cassette releases lined up as part of the festivities.  For a full list of what is being release, what stores are participating and what events are on check out the official CSD website.  Here's some more about our releases:

It's a pleasure and privilege to be able to release the debut single from Boygirlanimalcolour which is called JUPITER FIST.  Fans of Lovers Turn To Monsters, may recognise Boygirlanimalcolour as Kyle's old  band, however the trio; Kyle, Barry and Findlay; got back together earlier this year for some practices and shows, and now voila!  It's no secret I'm a massive LTTM fan, but Boygirlanimalcolour are a different beast entirely.

With equal parts pop-punk and '90's emo swirling in a cacophony of frenzied guitars and crashing drums, Boygirlanimalcolour are back with a bang.  JUPITER FIST  is backed by B-side Cable-tie,  while all the artwork comes from Findlay from the band.

Our second release is a split from two fantastic musicians who we have supported at Scottish Fiction for a while.  Both have featured on the blog and radio show, as well as both recording a live session for the radio show last year. 

Gone Wishing is an acoustic alternative songwriter, with comparison to Bill Callaghan and Mike Kinsella, directing his emotive musing right to the heart.  On this release Gone Wishing offers up three brand new tracks; The Watchers,  Hoist Your Head Into The Light  and Nothing And Nowhere,  all of which showcase his heartfelt talent.  Gone Wishing has also contributed the artwork for this split release.  Please do check out more of his incredible art here - www.facebook.com/gonewishingdoesart

Behold, The Old Bear, led by Raindeer of Mitchell Museum fame, take making fun, quirky and inventive pop music very seriously.  With three tracks from them; Restless Days,  Demons In Love  and Seven Maybe Eight  on the other side of this split cassette, we think it's a winning combination. 

Both cassette will be available on Cassette Store Day from participating stores, and both are limited to 50 copies, and both will come with download links.  We'll be in a position to let you hear some tracks from the releases a little later on this month, so be on the look out for that. 

On the day itself, Saturday 27th September y'all, all three acts will be doing in-store performances at LOVE Music in Glasgow at 2pm and then VoxBox Records in Edinburgh at 5pm, so come along, say hi and pick up a cassette or two!

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