Monday, 15 September 2014

Single Review - Sink Alaska - The Path of Least Resistance / Among The Wretched

Thankfully for Sink Alaska their music isn't as ambiguous as their name.  It’s proper back to basics punk rock.  Their new double A-side release is called The Path of Least Resistance,  and it encapsulates all that is good about this Glaswegian foursome.

The Path of Least Resistance  culminates punchy guitar with mind battering fast-paced percussion to create the perfect backdrop for lead singer Alan Easton to showcase his electrifying vocal ability.  The quartet are majorly influenced by the '90’s skate rock scene, which produced bands such as Good Charlotte and Offspring, and the evidence is clear to see.  Maybe Sink Alaska could lead the way in rejuvenating that particular genre into 2014, with this record a very good foundation to start building on.

- Dominic Hewitson

Sink Alaska - The Path of Least Resistance / Among The Wretched  is out now via Make-That-A-Take Records on 7" vinyl and download here.

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