Monday, 8 September 2014

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 8th September 2014

It may be into September, but the Indian summer sunshine and great music continues.  Our latest episode contains the first EVER plays of two tracks from our Cassette Store Day releases giving you a chance to hear Boygirlanimalcolour's new single and a track from Behold, The Old Bear.  There's also music from Skinny Dipper, Stanley Odd, and AmatrArt, to sate your musical appetites.

Algernon Doll - Candy Striped
Lenin Death Mask - Drowned
Sink Alaska - The Path of Least Resistance
Boygirlanimalcolour - JUPITER FIST
Behold, The Old Bear - Restless Day
The Deadline Shakes - Slipping From Your Heart
Prehistoric Friends - Bermuda Triangle
AmatrArt - Delirium Tremens
Skinny Dipper - Landing
Chrissy Barnacle - Hazelnuts
Stanley Odd - Son I Voted Yes
Fatherson - James

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