Wednesday, 10 September 2014

That's My Jam #38 - Insect Heroes - King Fabulous

Having recently signed to Isle of Eigg based Lost Map Records, Insect Heroes are having their debut album Apocalypso,  which first surfaced via their Bandcamp page last year, released on the label.  That's good news for two reasons; firstly the album will be available on vinyl for meaty analogue goodness and secondly it means their brand of apocalyptic tropical pop will be spread far and wide.

Plus it gives us another chance to appreciate King Fabulous  in all it's pomp and gloryThe track preceeds the albums release as a single via Lost Map's famous postcard singles.  Full of '60's pop influences, konked on the head and fed a rum based cocktail, and then rounded off with a killer cowbell beat, King Fabulous  lives up to its name.

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