Thursday, 7 July 2011

Scotland Rocks at SXSW

If, like me, you feel a certain pride at seeing a Scottish band being well recieved in another country, then you have to watch this fantastic programme brought to you by ArtWorks Scotland.

Presented by Vic Galloway, 'Scotland Rocks at South By South West', aired on Tuesday night on BBC 2. It is now available to stream and download on the BBC iPlayer here.

It was a very interesting show, which documents who several Scottish artists got on playing Austin's famous SXSW festival. SXSW is something which I have always wanted to go to, so the show is good as it gives an insight into just how big the festival is.

Featured artists include, Admiral Fallow, Rachel Sermanni, Withered Hand, Kid Canaveral, Unicorn Kid, The Twilight Sad, Twin Atlantic and Bronto Skylift. There's also commentary from previous SXSWer's Frightened Rabbit, Franz Ferdinand, The Proclaimers and Camera Obscura.

One of my highlight's was seeing just how genuine and nice Withered Hand really is. Such an absolute nice guy, and the wee bit where his daughter packed a picture in his guitar case was lovely.

My only nit pick would be that presenter Vic Galloway, at times often repeated himself, and it seemed certain voiceover bits were simply filler to make the show up to an hour. Some more footage of the bands would have been great. But as I said, that's me nit picking. The show itself was generally great.

The programme draws to a close with an absolutely beautiful scence. Louis Abbot of Admiral Fallow, and the lovely Rachel Sermanni sit out the front of their temporary Austin home in the twilight and armed with their voices and a solitary acoustic guitar, play the most beautiful cover of Low's 'When I Go Deaf'. Stunning.

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