Tuesday, 12 July 2011

We're Only Here For The Banter - Night Noise Team

Night Noise Team are Edinburgh based duo Sean Ormsby and Fabian Pinardon. Formed in 2007, they have gained a reputation for bringing pop, funk and melody to the dancefloor, in a way that has turned heads at The Skinny, The List, NME and beyond.

They recently released their second album, 'Slow Release' in May of this year, and it's an album that demands attention, and once given will hold you captive and bring you back again and again. Each listen reveals a little more of the intricacy and care which has gone into creating the multitude of layers. There is a lot of beauty in this album for those willing to devote the time to it. Joy is lurking beneath almost every track, which have been coated in a veneer of gothicness, which Robert Smith himself would be proud of.

Night Noise Team were kind enough to have a chat with us here at Scottish Fiction:

Hello. What kind of mood do we find you in today?
I'm grand and the mood is buoyant. How's yourself?

Very well thank you! Tell us a little about your music and your influences.

Pop music and melody. We're fascinated by Earth, Wind and Fire, Serge Gainsbourg, The Divine Comedy. More recently it's been the last Phoenix album and Villagers. Stuff that's built to last, basically.

Scotland, especially Edinburgh, has a thriving music scene. How do you find being a part of that?

We very much do our town thing, to be honest. Misanthropic tendencies. NNT has dipped into this supposed scene now and again like contributing to the Limbo live cd with Meursault and Kid Canaveral.

You recently released your second album 'Slow Release', tell us a wee bit about that.

'Slow Release' is conceived very much as an album. We worked hard to develop a signature sound in the production and lyrically it's informed by how the city affects people mental health. Not always positively...

How does 'Slow Release' stand compared with your debut album 'Ronde de Nuit'?

More varied, I think. More conviction in the writing, playing, singing, production, I hope. Critical reactions have been more polarised too...always a good sign!

What's your biggest achievement so far?

Keeping it going, keeping it positive and creative. More superficially, probably playing T-Break stage at T In The Park last year and a Radio 1 session in May this year.

What could we expect to see/hear from your live shows?

Shirts and ties, a rush of guitar and melody.

What does the second half of the year hold for you?

We'll continue to promote the album. Playing Greenside Hotel in Fife on 30th July and various festival gigs to be confirmed in Edinburgh in August. A new single in the autumn.

Looking forward to it already!
'Slow Release' is available to purchase here.
You can check out more about Night Noise Team on their website.

In the meantime, have a listen to this:

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