Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Scottish Fiction Playlist - Monday 4th July

Monday night's show was a first! It was the first time I had a guest playing live in the studio. And what a lovely guest he was as well. Michael Cassidy came into the studio for the first hour of the show and was kind enough to chat about his music, which you can read about here. He also played some songs as well, which sounded fantastic. Michael played:

'Til You
Everybody's Scared
15 Years

Sadly if you didn't catch the show on Monday, then due to a computer malfunction, you won't be able to hear it. Which makes it all the more special to those who did listen! However, Michael has promised to return, so I'll be holding him to that.

Michael also chose a few songs of music that he loves and listens to. Here were Michael's choices:

Beniamino Gigli - Vainement Ma Bien Aimee
Ry Cooder - Cherry Ball Blues
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

As Michael joined me this week, I didn't have a theme, so the last hour of the show followed my usual structure of rambling and damned good music. Here's the playlist:

Over The Wall - Shifts
She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
Iron & Wine - Tree By The River
The Son(s) - The Moon & The Stars In The Sky
Pere And The Pirates - Come On Feet
Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers - Hang The Noose
Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
Penguins Kill Polar Bears - Wish With Worry
Meursault - Crank Resolutions
Spooks - Karma Hotel
Camera Obscura - French Navy
velcroBROTHER - The Samaritans Called Me Last Night
The Racontuers - Salute Your Solution

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