Tuesday, 27 September 2011

EP Review - Tiny Little Sparks - Sonny Marvello

Fresh from a busy summer which saw Sonny Marvello headline King Tut's Summer Nights (above), the band are putting out a fresh EP, 'Tiny Little Sparks' on Ignite Records and will be released on Monday 3rd October.

The EP features some brand new material from the pop loving, joyus lot, and much like previous releases will put a smile on faces, reminding us all that sometimes music should just be fun. 'Tiny Little Sparks' is a melodic and encaptulating sounding song, with a drum heavy chorus and a slightly heavier sound than many may expect. Pop with a capital 'P', it has an edge to it, and certainly hints that the band are capable of delivering big time on their forthcoming album, which they are continuing to work on. Have a listen below and check out the video as well.

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