Sunday, 18 September 2011

Super Vinyl Adventure Club

The second part of my vinyl buying frenzy has been sitting patiently awaiting my having some time to actually write about it. So I've good two weeks off work which can only be good for my blog productivity rate. So far in my vinyl buying exploits I've been very Weegie-centric, so for this adventure I head into the jungle that is Paisley. (It's okay I used to live there so I can slag it off if I want...)


I lived in Paisley for over two years without realising there was a record shop just round the corner from me. Life is like that I suppose. Snuggled between a video shop and what I'm sure is a hairdressers, Record Market sits on Broomlands Road. It's not a big shop at all, and the owner, whose name eludes me at present, has tried a few set ups to utilise the space. Record Market has been trading for 25 years, and collecting for much longer than that I'm sure. Most of the stock is sold online, but having a real life shop is still something worth holding onto as it draws people in. The last time I was in, there was an impressive array of 7"'s on display. This time it has been replaced by more LP's, something which is no bad thing when it boosts an impressive collection.

The owner is a friendly man, greeting you as you walk in, allowing you the time to browse before engaging in conversation, something I wish clothes shops would learn. But once the conversation has begun, he'd be happy to chat away about music for hours, and can generally through a few sales pitches into the mix as well!


Record Market specialises in Indie / Alternative music. They also have a good stock of older releases in good condition. I'm not going to review any of my purchases, the reason being that the newest was released in 2007, so there's probably not a lot I could add other than "umm... I like it." But I certainly consider being able to pick up R.E.M's 'Out Of Time', The Coral's 'Magic And Medicine' and The Shins' 'Wincing The Night Away' for £20 a damned good day.

All three LP's were in exquist condition, especially 'Out Of Time' which is 20 years old, and all were sold in dust protective covers. Another successful outing!

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