Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What's On? - Aye Tunes Presents

Seeing as I've already committed myself by plugging this gig not once but twice on my Scottish Fiction radio show on Pulse Community Radio, I really should go the full hog.

Just who is Aye Tunes presenting the question may be. Well since you asked...

First up is Kevin P. Gilday who is temporarily leaving the day job of being in How Garbo Died to do a spoken word performance. It all sounds very arty, but it's more than likely worth getting down early for.

Next up is Scottish Fiction's favourite bearded chap, Shambles Miller (check out the Q&A he did for the blog a few weeks back). Hugely looking forward to seeing him live, as his music is a mixture of humour, politics, social commentary and acoustic strumming. All good things.

Jetting into Glasgow for their maiden 'weegie gig is The Spook School. I'm a huge fan of their 'History'/'Hallem' release, which you can listen to/download here, and have given it a fair bit of airplay.

And topping the bill is the jaunty The Sea Kings, who I must admit to not knowing overly much about, so I'm hoping to change that. Judging by what I have heard, it should be a right good time.

So, all of the above for only five of your neatly stacked pound coins (no smash please, Jim will just spend it easier...) there's really no excuse not to travel down to The Captain's Rest on Wednesday night from 8pm.

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