Sunday, 11 September 2011

Super Vinyl Adventure Club

There's been a severe lack of record shop action on the blog in the last month. This has been down partly to my severe lack of funds despite getting a new job, and also my severe lack of time, which has been affected by my new job.

So in order to compensate for this, I went on a bit of a vinyl splurge. Here's how I got on:


I've raved about Monorail numerous times. It's a great establishment, and is always expertly stocked. Last Saturday I popped in after work to have a nosey round the racks. The adjacent bar/cafe Mono was packed full of people enjoying an evening drink, and is always like a little hub of bohemian activity. It adds a real atmosphere to proceedings and with the open plan makes you feel like your browsing through someone's personal collection in their living room rather than a record shop.


As I've already said, I went on a bit of a splurge. It could have been a lot worse with new releases from Mogwai and The Rapture catching my attention. First up on the shopping list was RM Hubbert's brilliant record 'First & Last'. Hubby was kind enough to join me on my show on Pulse Community Radio a while back, and whilst I've had a digital copy of his album for a while, that show prompted me to go out and buy the record.

'First & Last' is a very personal record. Even the front artwork is by Hubbert's then wife, Maria. The album starts with a full on flamenco styled guitar playing, which of course for those in the know is the general feel of the album. 'Hey There Mr Bone' is a song influenced by Hubbert's dog, and the tapping of the guitar feels like the kind of rhythmic panting of a dog. It's a great opener and sets the standard high. The next track, 'For Maria' is an example again of how personal an album this is. It's basically a compilation track made for Hubbert's wife. It's a beautiful piece of music and listening to it feels deeply moving. You can stream the album online at RM Hubbert's bandcamp page, and you should certainly make the effort to buy the LP yourself. Have a listen to another stand out track, 'TipsyTapsy'.

Next up was Edinburgh four piece Kid Canaveral. Their record 'Shouting At Wildlife' has been available on Fence Records since July, and given the high praises it has recieved, it's about time I bought the damned thing.

'Shouting At Wildlife' is a great advert for Scottish indie music. From the wonderfully titled 'You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night', which reminds me of a Scottish Los Campesinos! with it's catchy 'la la la's' and guitar solo mid way through, to the quirky humour of 'Smash Hits'. The album is one which will leave you with a sense of happiness about life in general. It's not out to change the world, but remind you that music can simply just be fun. And if you need any further convincing, the album artwork, above, should do it. Check it out and have a swatch at 'And Another Thing' below.

Both records also get Brucey bonus points for including a CD along with the LP. It's things like this that will keep vinyl, and record shops, going as real music fans can get the best of both worlds, without resorting to illegal downloads.

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