Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Single Review - Medicine - We Were Promised Jetpacks

Bloody hell, a single review! I don't know what's came over me! Anyhoo...

Edinburgh's We Were Promised Jetpacks return with their new album 'In The Pit Of The Stomach' which is released on Monday 3rd October. It's a exciting time as their first LP 'These Four Walls' was a bloody stormer and the band have garnered a large following and a reputation for thumping live shows.

But before that we can all sit back and enjoy the lead single 'Medicine' from 'In The Pit Of The Stomach' which was released yesterday, 26th September, on Fat Cat Records.

'Medicine' wastes no time in getting started, tearing straight into a guitar riff accompaying Adam Thompson's drawl vocals. It sounds different at first, yet builds much like many of the tracks of 'These Four Walls' towards the chorus, bringing with the crescendo a sense of familiarity. The bridge before the final chorus delves into a broody current, before finishing strongly. The track boldly displays a bravado which suits the band's rise through the indie scene over the last few years. On the basis of this track, and free download 'Act On Impulse' (which you can download here), the album should mark WWPJ as one of Scotland's strongest indie acts about.

You can buy 'Medicine' on shiny 7", download the MP3 AND pre-order the album here.

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