Tuesday, 22 November 2011

EP Review - Frightened Rabbit - A Frightened Rabbit EP

Those Frabbit lads are awfully thoughtful. Not being content with putting out a new EP on shiny 10" black vinyl (which you can buy from most good record shops or online here), they also made the three song EP available as a free download to all subscribers to their mailing list. Released on 31st October, it features three lovely songs steeped in that instantly recognisable Frightened Rabbit sound most of which were written on a bus. How's that for inspiration?

Scottish Winds

Never one to shy away from their Scottishness, the first track sums up the wonderful Scottish weather those of us who inhabit this little country north of the English border have come to know so well. Scott Hutcheson sings of "long Scottish winds" the kind that go right through you. It's a tune which would fit very well towards the end of an album, it reminds me of 'Poke' and 'Who'd You Kill Now?' off of The Midnight Organ Fight. The song itself has a steady beat throughout, nice simple guitar riff, stomping bass line and drums. Great to hear this live favourite get the full studio recording treatment.

Fuck This Place

A dream like song about the rigours of being lost and tired. It starts off with Hutchison's voice against a sole guitar with the occasional chord strummed. Featuring the first of two special guests, Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura joins in with her stipped back voice which has the warmth and comfort that the protagonist is crying out for. The song builds with about a third left, Hutcheson and Campbell exchanging refrains of "would you be good enough to take me home?", scuzzy effect treated guitars along with the keyboards close out the track which is the highlight of the EP.

The Work

Second guest appearance is from Scottish folk singer Archie Fisher. 'The Work' is another stripped back acoustic affair, similar in sound to the opener 'Scottish Winds'. The tracks sees Hutcheson and Fisher trades tales as young and old.

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