Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Michael Cassidy - Videos

It takes a brave man to brace the cold air of a November evening in Glasgow sitting in the Necropolis playing songs. So let's thank our stars that Michael Cassidy is brave enough, or daft enough, to do just that!

Here's a few videos that have popped up over the past weeks, Michael took his guitar down to the Necropolis and armed with a camera (and a willing cameraman Frasier Urie) made a few videos. It should be no secret that I think Michael Cassidy's music is the bees knees and hopefully 2012 will see another live appearance on the show. In the meantime enough these videos, great songs and a great backdrop.

Michael Cassidy - Dance The Night Away (The Mavericks cover)

Michael Cassidy - Montpellier 

Michael Cassidy - 99 Red Balloons (Nena cover)

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