Thursday, 3 November 2011

Single Review - The Twilight Sad - Sick

'Sick' is the first single proper from The Twilight Sad's third LP 'No One Will Ever Know' which is due out on Fat Cat Records in February next year. It is available to pre-order now (here) and is being released on 7" vinyl (yah!) and also mp3 on Monday 14th November.

It's unmistakenly The Twilight Sad, afterall James Graham's hard, brooding west of Scotland vocals are as passionate as ever. Yet it's a different sound for the band as a whole, something they have promised so we shouldn't be surprised. The guitars have been dulled down a notch, a simple repeating riff holds the song together throughout it's 4 minutes 20 seconds. Behind it, and Graham's lyrics, are the soft sound of synths, which lend to an althogether more experimental sound. Comparisons have already been made to Radiohead, which is probably fair enough. Closer to home one could imagine this being nestled nicely in an Aeorogramme album without much difficulty.

The drums pick up midway through the song, and the synths take over as the main driver of the song. The lyrics themselves are typical Twilight Sad affair, introspective, haunting and depressingly beautiful with Graham beckoning "over the hill, over the hill we go."

Having listened to it about ten times now, I'm firmly satisfied that 'Sick' displays a step forward for The Twilight Sad. For old fans it will be a little different from what you've come to love, and it's bound to draw plenty more new fans into the fold. Bodes well for the rest of the album.

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