Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Scottish Fiction October EP

Wah hey! It's time for another Scottish Fiction FREE EP! Been excited about this one since about two days into October, so I'm happy to finally release it upon the vaults of the internet.

As well as being a collection of terrific songs which together create a whirlwind of awesomeness, this month's EP also showcases some of the best Edinburgh has to offer, as each of our four participants are from Auld Reekie. Delightful stuff if you ask me! Click on the artists names below to be transported through IP addresses and web servers to that particular artists 'We're Only Here For The Banter' feature.

First up are Edinburgh five piece Trapped Mice, contributing a track off their last EP called 'Pointing And Shouting'.

Next are Plastic Animals who have been around for over five years now, and have released a swarm of recent stuff. 'Green Light' features on our EP.

Following them is Donna Maciocia who will have some brand spanking new material out soon. She has contributed a demo of the wonderful 'Fists At The Sky'.

And lastly are Supermarionation closing things off with the track 'The Paris Express'.

Enjoy! You can download the full EP for free here (also check out previous month's EP's available for free too), and also stream below.

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