Sunday, 22 December 2013

EP Review - Plum - Betsy Thunder

Plum, or Shona Maguire as she doesn’t like to be called, has been a busy bee.  During her studies at London’s Point Blank Music College, she was approached by Summer Rain Recordings.  Subsequently, two EPs were released.  Not too shabby.

She’s been on a roll ever since.  Highlights include being the only female artist ever signed to Benbucula Records and self releasing critically acclaimed The Seed last year through ‘fan-funding’.  The devil will find work for idle hands to do.

As 2013 is drawing to a close, Plum has decided to thrust another EP at us.  Betsy Thunder is a beautifully synth heavy and thorough affair.  A chilled out vibe is apparent throughout and is displayed through an ridiculous range of instruments.  Almost all of which are played by Plum herself.

Of the tracks on display here Casting Shadows is euphoric and synth heavy.  Precision is key here.  Catapult is powerful and electronically haunting, utilising a creepy glockenspiel, quite possibly played by ghosts, towards the end of the track.  Only Human has a tinge of Bjork whilst To Destroy Everything is what Grimes would sound like if she had gave the speed the miss whilst recording Visions.

Overall Betsy Thunder is a creative EP which proves quantity and quality is not a problem for Plum.  A tasty stop-gap to keep fans happy on her way to album number two.

- Holly Callender

Plum - Betsy Thunder is out now and available to download here and other online retailers.

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