Sunday, 15 December 2013

So long and thanks for all the...words...that you read...with your eyes.

Well friends, it's day seven, meaning this is the last day of my brutally epic takeover of Scottish Fiction, and that I can use as many commas as I like, seriously, I, like, totally can. I was originally supposed to have the day off, but I thought I might finish with a look back at the week, a wee exclusive, and some stuff that I couldn't fit into other posts.

Like this. I felt it was important everyone see this.
At the beginning of the week I talked about the Proust Questionnaire from the TV show Inside the Actors Studio, and asked the ten questions of a number of Scottish musicians. But now you can take the quiz too, with this interactive Proust Questionnaire! The questions are different to the ones from the TV show, but in the same mould, and at the end you can compare your answers with those of, y'know, some famous folk. Just click here to take the quiz. Apparently my answers were very similar to the ones Johnny Cash gave. Yas.

As I mentioned in my first post of the week, I'm a big supporter of Scottish Independence. I actually played the National Collective Glasgow launch party back in October, and this week they put everyone's sets up on Soundcloud. You can listen to mine in the player below.

Another one of the performers at that gig was Eleanor Morton, one of my guests from earlier in the week, who I chatted to about music and comedy. You can hear her set here, as well as performances from Liz Lochead, Leo Condie, and more.

On Thursday I hosted a night of live music at Brechins Bar in Govan, during the after-party of a short film screening. That film is called Two More Than Most. It looks at the history of Govan and its significance to various peoples throughout the ages, as well as looking towards its future. It's a great film, and I recommend checking it out. In fact, I recommend it so much that I've embedded it below. The film features a couple of my songs (and my dad), but I'm not biased, honest.

This week I also spoke to Adam Ross from Randolph's Leap about humour and music. The band has just released a Christmas EP and although they appear to have sold out of physical copies, you can still download a digital one. Here's their rendition of One More Sleep 'til Christmas, from The Muppet Christmas Carol (which is the best version of a Christmas Carol as far as I'm concerned).

Well it's about time to wrap up, but here's a wee exclusive before I go: a music video for my single Deadpool is in the works! Here's a promo:

Well, that's about all I can cram into one post I reckon. It's been a really fun week, and I want to thank Neil for asking me to do this takeover. I'd also like to say a big thank-you to everyone who has contributed and helped me out. And last of all I'd like to thank all you guys for reading it! You're all brilliant people. I've fair enjoyed myself. I'll have some gig announcements soon, so keep an eye on my various social media hingmies for details. You want links? Oh ok then. You can find me at Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, Supapass, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and at my website. Phew!

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