Sunday, 22 December 2013

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 18th December 2013

It was the last live show on 2013, a year that has been synonymous with live music on Scottish Fiction, and what a way to end the year.  My guests for this week's show were Carla, Amanda and Debbie of sunshine pop girl band TeenCanteen.  Fresh of the back of debut single 'Honey', released via Neu Reekie earlier this year, the band chatted about influences ranging from girl bands of the '60's to certain 2000's boybands (!), and their plans for next year.  And speaking of those plans, there's a sneak peak of what may be the girls next single, as they kindly played three live songs for us in the studio.  As usual you can also expect the best new Scottish music releases, a festival Cover Lover track, and your choice of music with #tweetatrack.

Carnivores - Insecuricor

Carol - Breakdown - As chosen by TeenCanteen

TeenCanteen - How We Met (Cherry Pie) - Live in Pulse 98.4 studio

The Fuzz - Leave It All Behind Me - As chosen by TeenCanteen

TeenCanteen - Honey - Live in Pulse 98.4 studio
TeenCanteen - Friends - Live in Pulse 98.4 studio

Ruth Copeland - The Music Box - As chosen by TeenCanteen

Medals - Disguises
Model Aeroplanes - Innocent Love
French Wives - The Wagon

COVER LOVER - Mitchell Museum - Stop The Cavalry

There Will Be Fireworks - Here Is Where
Marionettes - Pumpkin
Poor Things - Morgan
The Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken The Memory
Vladimir - Come Over
Stanley Odd - Her Name Was Hip-Hop

#tweetatrack - Culann - Jerusalem - As chosen by @fruitbatwalton

We Were Hunted - Settle Down

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