Monday, 2 December 2013

Single Review - The Leg - Chicken Slippers

After three minutes 4 seconds I have literally no idea what has just happenned but whatever it was I enjoyed it.  In the shape of Chicken Slippers, the lead single from their new album Oozing A Crepuscular Light which is out now on Song By Toad Records, The Leg have seemingly written a silent film soundtrack to a film that I presume is about a person tied to a railway track about to be run over by someone wearing slippers made out of a chicken.  It's Syd Barrett at his Piper At The Gates of Dawn best at points mixing the childlike imagery of chicken slippers with an almost baroque on speed arrangement.   You will never forget this song once you've heard it.  Brilliantly off the wall.

- David McElroy

The Leg - Chicken Slippers is out now on Song By Toad Records and available to download for free here.

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