Monday, 16 February 2015

EP Review - Tetra - Tetra

Alt-rock foursome Tetra have been rocking their way around the Glasgow music scene of late, and their debut self-titled EP is a confident showcase of their bold sound.  Opener Arrival,  is aptly placed and named.  The catchy build up layers electronic future sounds with reassuringly tight drums and solid guitar.  Then Kevin Caldwell's fearless and daring vocals let you know they have arrived - and with a strong sense of British rock.  Already these guys are making big  sounds.

Tetra let loose on the second track, Sweet Release,  where fast paced beats give way to a venom-fuelled track full of momentum and excitement.  This song begs for full-body-fling dancing as it is thoroughly crisp, sharp and satisfying in all aspects of its delivery.  Forget yoga, jump around to this for a bit and the stresses of the day will disappear.

A veritable buffet for a rock-lover follows with, Tommy Lee Jones,  an all-you-can-jam to song, where the band shows what they’re made of.  Sublime atmosphere is created with the sweet open, which then morphs into darker realms as jarring guitar and hyped up rhythm takes us into rockier territory.  The chaotic organisation of the track makes it fantastically wrought with emotion.

The final track on the EP, Inside Is A Maniac,  is infectiously off-beat and littered with quirky kinks.  The guys maintain their powerful sound to the last, this slick offering is another one bound to get you rocking out.

To pull off this kind of music you need to have some serious spirit, tenacious conviction.  With their debut EP Tetra are showing the makings of true rockers: they not only pull it off but do so with notable daring.

- Maura Keane

Tetra – Tetra  is out now and is available for download here.

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