Monday, 23 February 2015

Single Review - Lilac Pin - Come Inside

Come Inside  is the second offering from Glasgow based duo, Lilac Pin, following on from their summer release Easy.  As we await the band's promising debut album, vocalist April May has been quoted as saying that the inspiration behind their current track was Aphrodite, the goddess of love. This is certainly apparent, as the song sounds beautifully sensual from start to finish.

The soft electronic introduction is enticingly seductive.   However, when on the chorus May’s voice purrs to the listener to "come inside" you may feel yourself searching for the door to take her up on this offer.  She is telling you not to fight it, and why would you?  The beauty of this song is not something one should turn down in a hurry.

After this first chorus the song builds even more.  More passion.  More fire.  More vocal dexterity.  This duo are showing off in a fantastic way, showcasing the shared talent between them.  The combination of the intense, electro-pop instrumentation and sweepingly erogenous vocals make this track something truly exciting.   If this is what Lilac Pin have to offer, then I for one will be eagerly anticipating the album.

- Gillian Parfery

Lilac Pin - Come Inside  is available to stream now on Soundcloud.

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