Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Single Review - The Insomniac Project - Shake Those Demons

As the old saying goes, playing synthesizers will help you sleep.  The Insomniac Project clearly put this age old theory to the test and the result is recently released track Shake Those Demons.  Hailing from Glasgow, they are a sleep deprived sextet with at least half of them playing the synth.

Accurately described as 'combining live instruments with polished electronic production and pop sensibilities' Shake Your Demons  has a sleepy juxtaposition of male and female vocals, whispering about either being "your dream or your nightmare". The intertwining vocals reminisce The xx's debut.  Synth heavy but without the '80's cheese, it perfectly encapsulates everything good about '80's pop.  While of course giving the bad haircuts a miss.  Most sensible.

- Holly Callender

The Insomniac Project - Shake Your Demons  is out now and available to download for free here.  Catch them playing at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow on 27th February.

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