Saturday, 14 February 2015

Single Review - Baby Strange - VVV

Glasgow three piece Baby Strange are a staple for us at Scottish Fiction by now and a new release from the band always gets us excited.  New single VVV  is no different as the band create their rawest punk track yet.

The song is built on a chunky bassline which plods along aside the drums.  The guitar gets to go more manic, zipping into the mix to make screechy, distorted terror through-out.  Johnny Madden as always plays a cool and collected front man, stating that the subject of his song violates and abuses him.  The lyrics aren't unlike the heyday of New Romantic music, or even Marilyn Manson.

- Scott Hastie

Baby Strange - VVV  is out now on Ignition Records and you can also pick up limited edition vinyl here.  If you fail to get your copy before they sell out then you have another chance when the band support Dolomite Minor on tour.

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