Monday 23 February 2015

That's My Jam #46 - Kill The Waves - Vow

With a chilly industrial allure to the intro to Vow,  the new track from Kill The Waves, the mind is immediately filled with images of sparse grey landscapes.  The Battles-esque synths and guitars are complimented perfectly with the overlaying of the violin, before Tim Kwant's vocals kick in just before the minute mark.

There's a clever change in tempo midway through when Kwant switches from Korg to guitar, opening the track up from a dark emotional number to one with a sway inducing vibe.  Jerky, glitchy rhythms pulse beneath Kwant's charged vocals; "these words are etched into this pretty heart"; creating a perfect mark of intention for forthcoming album The One That Could Have Been,  which will be released via Bloc+Music on 20th April.

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