Monday, 6 July 2015

Almost Scottish Fiction EP Volume 4

Continuing our EP series, Almost Scottish Fiction, this month we've pushed the musical genres featured out a little bit.  There's some noisy, garage alt-rock courtesy of Wendell Borton, a rather expansive instrumental track from Ubre Blanca, left-field experimental music from Bunny & The Invalid Singers, plus a heartwarming acoustic number from Dec '91, and two great electronica based songs from Aquafaux and Shona Brown rounding out the collection.  A special thanks to the ever dedicated Findlay for another excellent artwork to go along with the EP.  It represents the whole thing quite well I think - swirling, a little disorientating, but ultimately aesthetically - or audibly - pleasing!

As always the EP is curated by myself on behalf of Scottish Fiction, and David McElroy from Almost Predictable, Almost and features tracks from our favourite artists.  A regular snapshot of Scottish music each month.  To grab your copy head along to the Scottish Fiction Bandcamp, or the Almost Predictable, Almost Bandcamp and download for free.

Aquafaux - See The Rain

Edinburgh's Aquafaux produce driving synthpop and See The Rain, from their recent Spellbound EP  is a prime example of that.  Combining the band's trademark electronics with a Garbage-like chorus, See The Rain  is a wonderful example of electropop.

Ubre Blanca - Taxed

Every now and again there comes along music that your brain can't quite immediately process.  Ubre Blanca are a band like that - with experimental electronica verging on out-of-this world prog.  Taxed  is a track from their 2013 release Polygon Mountain, and is a excellent introduction to the band.

Shona Brown - All I Have

Shona Brown's ambitious '10in10' project which has seen her release a single a month since November 2014 has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable events in Scottish music this year.  All I Have  perfectly demonstrates all her skills with looped electronics and flute combining to quite wonderful effect.

Bunny & The Invalid Singers - Ask The Man Inside Your Head

Edinburgh based musician/artist Bunny has just released his second album The Invalid Singers  and this track is one of the standout tracks on what is a superb album.

Dec '91 - When You Come

Playing under the pseudonym of Dec '91, Craig Ferrie uses the simplest of ingredients - a guitar and his voice - to craft encapsulating stories of meloncholia.  He's an artist who has been on our radar for a while, with a series of home releases and more recently hooking up with Gold Mold Records for the album Quebec.  The track featured here is a brand new one.

Wendell Borton - Adjusting

Naming your band after an obscure character from The Simpsons is always a winner in my book. Luckily Aberdeen's Wendell Borton have the music to back it up.  Raw, loud and slightly slacker alt-rock.   What's not to love?

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