Friday, 17 July 2015

T in the Park Diaries - Be Charlotte

Last weekend saw over 100 artists, 80,000 people, and our good selves descent upon Strathallan Castle for Scotland's biggest music festival; T in the Park!  Once again we recruited some of the finest talent playing across the T Break stage over the weekend to keep a T in the Park Diary for Scottish Fiction.

Be Charlotte, a singer, writer, rapper, producer, and all-round talented musician, played the T Break stage on Sunday 12th.  Here's how the festival went for her.

Friday 10th July

So it’s the first day of T in the Park 2015 and it’s fair to say I’m pretty buzzing!  I didn’t really have a definite plan for today apart from pick up artist passes and see some friends headline the Transmissions Stage (casual, I know)…  I just couldn’t wait to get that festival feeling.

After a bit of driving around the new site we found the Production/Charlie Gate.  I collected my passes and received my artist wristband.  Now it did feel like T time!  First on my to-do list was to suss out the new site, to me it felt a lot more spaced out than Balado.  After this I made my way to the Media Village where I took part in a live interview with Tay FM talking about how I was feeling pre my debut T performance and caught up with some other familiar faces in there too.

Then the hunger was starting to kick in so went exploring for something to eat, there was quite a lot on offer but eventually settled on a margherita pizza.  It did cost £9 buuuuuut in the pizza's defence it was very tasty!

The mud by the way.  So glad I wore wellies!!!

Anyway…  Music wise I managed to catch a bit of Slaves who I absolutely loved.  Also Sam Smith was truly incredible, his voice is just insane live and he seems like such a genuine artist.  Very inspirational!

To finish off my first day at T I ventured over to the Transmissions Stage in the BBC Introducing tent to see my friends/faves Hector Bizerk headline.  I basically didn’t stop dancing from the moment they started till the end of their set.  I’ve seen them perform quite a number of times now in various venues all over the place but there was something special about this one.  It was the perfect way to finish my first day at T.

Saturday 11th July

Today I decided to head through to T a little later.  I wanted to make sure my voice is at its optimum for my performance tomorrow, sometimes I have a tendency to get carried away and sing along a bit too much, so decided to give my voice a break for most of the day.

I left Dundee around 5pm to join in the second day of festivities at Strathallan.  The nice thing about my experience so far was that I was getting to share this moment with quite a few friends and tonight for me was all about Our Future Glory and Other Humans.  The lovely guys of OFG invited me to perform their last song with them and it was an absolute honour.  It was so lovely to watch both Other Humans and Our Future Glory put on an amazing show to a packed out tent.  I could feel their emotion and excitement, it was one of the best feelings to see them enjoying their moment so much.

So…the aim was to have an early-ish night in preparation for tomorrow but its now 3am and I’m just getting into bed.  Up in 5 hours.  Buzzing though.

Sunday 12th July

Good Morning!

Okay, today is THE day.  I’m actually playing T in the Park..  TODAY!!!! 

I had time for a wee slice of toast and a cup of hot honey and lemon before heading out the door.  We left Dundee around 9.30am just to give us plenty of time to load in/soundcheck.  I had the usual pre-gig feeling of excitement and nerves.  Soundchecks as they go are known for being quite a stressful process (well I think so anyway) but this one wasn’t too bad at all…  The sound engineers were amazing, very grateful for all their help!

We finished soundcheck about 12ish so I had just enough time to get changed into my T outfit and throw my hair up into its signature big bun, oh and put some glitter on my face (essential)!

I genuinely had no idea what to expect with having an early stage time, it’s difficult to predict what the crowd will be like or if you’ll have one at all.  I tried to not to think about this though and just focused on giving the best performance I’ve ever done.  Throughout the first song I could see more and more people filling the tent and by the end of the set the crowd were really involved and singing along… it’s a feeling I will never forget.  I loved every minute of being on that stage, I felt as though the whole tent was behind me and I could totally be myself.  So much so I even threw in a few unprepared Be Charlotte dance moves… I say unprepared I mean, I have been practising them for years!

After the set, I couldn’t quite believe what had just happened.  It was more than I could have ever dreamed of.  The whole moment didn’t feel real.  I was quite emotional when I came off stage, I didn’t really expect to be but I just felt so overwhelmed by the reaction from the crowd and so happy to be surrounded by such a great team.  After ditching the happy tears for a smile it was time for some interviews backstage with Tenement TV.

I spent the rest of today on a high, meeting lots of different people, catching up with friends and doing a few more interviews.  Towards the end of the day I was in the T Break tent watching one of my other favourite bands Crash Club when a girl came over and asked if I was Be Charlotte.  She said she was really nervous to come over but wanted to asked for a picture.  We had a lovely little chat.  It was a surreal feeling for me, that’s never really happened before!

WOW…  I must of said this so many times today but the whole day has been so surreal.

Much love to T in the Park, T Break, and everyone who filled that tent at 12.30.  I hope I kick started your Sunday with some damn good vibes.  This is just the beginning.

Be Charlotte x

Photo credits:
Robert Adam - T in the park on stage
Ruth Trotter - Promo Pic

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