Thursday, 23 July 2015

That's My Jam #69 - Be Charlotte - Face

One of the most exciting things I find about the music of Dundee's Charlotte Brimner, released under the stage name Be Charlotte, is the potential.  Listening to Face,  and other tracks on her Soundcloud page,  I can't help but hear how this could sound in six months to a year's time.  There's room for so much expansion, development, and experimenting, partially due to Charlotte's natural talent - she raps, sings, plays, and writes - and also due to the creative input of other musicians, notably Hector Bizerk's Louie and Audrey.

None of this is to say that Face  is not already an incredible tune.  It is.  It really is.  A funky intro, sharp drumming, relate-able lyrics telling the stories of rail travel, a warm and welcoming chorus, and Kate Tempest-esque raps layered over each other, it's got so much going for it.  It's already one of my favourite new tracks, and Be Charlotte is a name to keep a sharp eye on. 

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