Monday, 20 July 2015

Scottish Fiction Radio Show - 16th July 2015

This week's show is packed with interviews from T in the Park as I chatted to Pinact (pictured), Prides, Catholic Action, Monogram and The Van T's.  There's also music from Inuit, Phases, Great Cop and Keeping Dirt Clean who play King Tut's Summer Nights this week. 

Be Charlotte - Discover
Ubre Blanca - Taxed
Phases - Bombs
We Came From Wolves - Am I Useful?
Catholic Action - L.U.V.
T in the Park Interview - Catholic Action
T in the Park Interview - Pinact
PLAYLIST - Pinact - Everybody Says
PLAYLIST - Kathryn Joseph - the worm
PLAYLIST - Carbs - Life Drawing
AROUND THE WORLD - Jungle - Busy Earnin'
Prides - Higher Love
T in the Park Interview - Prides
T in the Park Interview - Monogram
Monogram - ANNO
Keeping Dirt Clean - I Spy
Great Cop - Vacancy
Bunny & The Invalid Singers - Ask The Man Inside Your Head
T in the Park Interview - The Van T's
The Van T's - Trip
RE-MIXING IT UP - Grnr x Miaoux Miaoux - Ghost Pal
Inuit - We Don't Go There In Winter

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