Monday, 20 July 2015

That's My Jam #66 - WOMPS - Live A Little Less

hey went to Chicago to record with the legendary Steve Albini as the trio Algernon Doll.  They've returned as a duo called WOMPS.  And whilst it's a re-birth of sorts for Ewan Grant and Owen Wicksted, for those of us who have followed the growth of Ewan's songwriting and musicianship since the first Algernon Doll record, it's also a huge step forward.

With the new record receiving the finishing touches to it as we speak, there's space in the schedule for a AA-side release on 7" vinyl via Damnably Records.  This track Live A Little Less  retains the raw guitar-heavy sound that was front and centre previously, while Wicksted drums with the fury of a thousand suns.  It's clear that the influence of Albini, who has worked with Cloud Nothings previously, has upped the ante of what was there before.  This isn't overly different, but it's injected with fresh impetus.  As always with Grant's writing, there's pop accessibility, and even with the cries of "wallow wallow wallow wallow" this is track demands to be loved.

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