Thursday, 12 April 2012

The SAY Awards - The Long List

This morning, or late last night if you were a keen Twitter user, the inagural Scottish Album Of The Year Awards (SAY Awards from now on people) was unveiled.  In world wide web terms it's probably old news by now, but with a list of twenty diverse, intriguing, exciting and deserving albums making up the Long List it's something which, hopefully, will be filling your Facebook and Twitter feeds for the next four weeks.  During this time you can listen to an album a day via the SAY Awards App, discover new music (I certainly will be) and ultimately vote for your favourite on May 14th.  The public's top choice will automatically be included in the final ten, from which one album will go on to win the crown of Scottish Album Of The Year 2011.  Here's the Long List in full (alphabetical order):

6th Borough Project – “One Night In the Borough”
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – “Everything’s Getting Older”
Bwani Junction – “Fully Cocked”
Chris Stout’s Brazilian Theory – “Live In Concert”
Conquering Animal Sound – “Kammerspiel”
FOUND – “factorycraft”
Fudge Fingas – “Now About How”
Happy Particles – “Under Sleeping Waves”
Jonny – “Jonny”
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – “Diamond Mine”
Mogwai – “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will”
Mungo’s Hi Fi – “Forward Ever”
Muscles Of Joy – “Muscles Of Joy”
Remember Remember – “The Quickening”
Richard Craig – “Inward”
Rustie – “Glass Swords”
Steve Mason & Dennis Bovell – “Ghosts Outside”
Tommy Smith – “Karma”
Twin Atlantic – “Free”
We Were Promised Jetpacks – “In The Pit Of the Stomach”

Included in there is four albums we voted for, plently more that we love, some that we've heard of but not listened to, and some completely new albums.  It's a mix of rock, indie, jazz, electronica, post-rock, folk, reggae, house, independent music, self released music, major labels, minor labels, and everything else that could and does represent Scotland's diverse and wonderful music community.

Undoubtably the debates will rage.  We could easily name another twenty albums that could be in consideration, and no doubt the Short List and eventual winner will bring even more debate.  Debate is good as it encourages each of us to engage with new people, new musical styles and broaden our own individual horizons.  My tip?  Well I'm holding back on that just now, but the smart ones amongst you could probably figure it out.  What I would really love though is to listen to a previously unknown entity and think, 'wow, this should be the winner'.  Because if that happens, The SAY Awards have served their purpose.

Stay tuned to the blog, and the the official website for plenty more news and features regarding The SAY Awards.  In the meantime here's some of my favourite press quotes from the nominated artists.

"We're extremely honoured and proud to have made the long list for the inaugural Scottish Album of the Year Award. There is an abundanceof greatmusic being produced in Scotland every year and I hope that this new award helps us celebrate it and share it." - Stuart Braithwaite, Mogwai

"Jon Hopkins and I are proud as punch to end up on the long list for the newest and coolest of prizes, the SAY Award. Of all the awards ‘Diamond Mine’ has been nominated for and subsequently lost, losing this one will smart most." - King Creosote

"We are completely astounded that we managed to make this list at all, considering we put the album out ourselves on Bandcamp and had little publicity surrounding it. I think it goes to show the SAY Award is not just another 'pat on the back for the lads' type award.” - Steven Kane, Happy Particles

"FOUND are truly flattered that ‘factorycraft’ has been long listed and is keeping company with some albums from 2011 that we personally consider to be absolute belters. We’re also delighted to be part of an initiative that will help advance the value of music in Scotland." - Ziggy Campbell, FOUND

"With ‘Kammerspiel’ coming out at the start of 2011, it's really cool that the judges have remembered it, and nominated us for this award. Scotland is a small place, but is home to a wealth of artistic talent, it is exciting to see this award come to life, celebrating musical and artistic talent in this country. We're really pleased to be nominated for the first award, hopefully the first of many!" - James Scott, Conquering Animal Sound

"Scotland's not very good at blowing its own trumpet, but it's about time we had our own award to celebrate the overabundance of brilliant and diverse music we make every year. For such a small country we produce an inordinate amount of great – and very successful – music, and hopefully this award means that we can be unashamedly proud about it for a few weeks every year." - Aidan Moffat

"That our latest collection of cosmic jams is considered to be amongst the best Scottish albums of the year is a quite unexpected bolt from the blue but we are all thrilled and excited to have been included in the Long List." - Remember Remember

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