Friday, 13 April 2012

Scottish Fiction Submissions - 13th April

Before giving the low down on the tracks which hit my inbox this week, it's time for a gratuitous plug!

With a teensy bit over two months to go before the very first, and quite possibly the very last, Scottish Fiction Presents Gig we don't want you to forget to clear your diary, cancel all appointments, wash your hair the night before and just generally be free on Sunday 17th June from 8pm for a night of musical exploits from Michael Cassidy, The Spook School, Queen Jane and Saint Death.  Hope to see you there!

boletes - FLAWS

This actually dropped in last week, but I rather strangely forgot about it.  We played the track 'Creature' on Monday's show, which is a fantastic acoustic jam which conjures up images of the Radiohead video for 'There There'.  The album itself is a wonderful tapestry of folk, acoustic, ambient and experimental music, which upon repeat listens reveals more and more.  Check out our favourite track, 'The Pigeon In The Murder' and follow the link to get the full album.

Mickey 9's - Mickey 999

Another one which has nestled in the inbox longer than it should have.  Glasgow band Mickey 9's have followed up on the success of their last EP 'A Thing To Try And Dance To' by releasing this single entitled 'Mickey 999'.  It's funky, got a beat and coaxes a hip sway or two.  Check out the alarmingly true but funny video below.

Thula Borah - Live Secretly

Another late one (last one I promise) but the reason for this is that it took me a while to get my head round.  I'm glad I stuck with it though, because Glasgow four-piece Thula Borah have put together a solid EP in the shape of 'Live Secretly'.  With three songs over the 8 minute mark, it's almost too obvious to point to the post-rock Mogwai influence, yet that's not all that defines the sound with grunge and shoe-gaze influences present in equal measures.  'Murder' is my personal highlight, a woozy slow burning gem of a track.

Elephant Gun - Home 

Elephant Gun are a three piece from Edinburgh, who I hope don't condone the shooting of gentle giants with big ears, however they have got a nifty sound about them.  Acoustic folk with a Eastern European twist, some of their earlier demo's have the ring of a Romanian woman playing the accordion, but recent demo 'Home' is extremely catchy.  Fans of ukuleles will enjoy.

Father Sculptor - Ember / Blue

Father Sculptor are a little bit of an enigma.  Other than their location, Glasgow, I don't know much about them, other than they absolutely astound me with the solemn beauty that is 'Ember'.  If Morrisey was dead, then they'd be channelling his spirit in amongst the mature distorted sound created with jangly guitars and soaring keys.  Second track 'Blue' reminds me a lot of The Twilight Sad, in turn marinated in Joy Division's squeezed juices, there's the exciting and imminent promise of something really special brewing here.  Get on board now with the single released via the above links on Monday 16th April.

Collar Up - The Fear Of Love

Edinburgh dream-pop trio Collar Up return with their new single out on 23rd April called 'The Fear Of Love'.  It's more upbeat that previous outing 'Short Term Memories', yet all the ingredients that tickled us last time are there, the warmth in the vocals, the power behind the piano and complimentary ambient guitar.  A song about, "the constant and exhausting chase for a euphoria which turns out to be temporary".

Stanley - Animals With Amazing Disguises

Lets end with an album eh?  'Animals With Amazing Disguises' is the debut album from Aberdeen based five-piece Stanley.  There's a whole heap of creativity on this record as previous singles 'Sandwiches & Tea' and 'Monkeys & Friends' illustrated.  Here's a sneak peek at track one from the LP out on Monday 16th April.

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  1. Superb tracks here, esp from Collar Up and the Mickey 9s - both bands excellent live as well as on record....