Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why Blogger? - Song, By Toad

This week on our 'Why Blogger?' feature, we welcome the wittiest amphibian from Auld Reekie into the hot seat.  Song, By Toad, is the internet outlet of one Matthew Young, who also juggles running Song, By Toad Records (a brilliantly diverse independent record label), gig promotion, podcasting and general all round musical enterprising.  In between all this, Matthew took a few minutes to talk to us about the arduous task of running what may be Scotland's funniest music blog.

Sum up your blog in 140 character tweet.

Gin and swearing.

There's little (if any) monetary gain in blogging. Why do you do it?

Because if I went on to my wife this much about music, she'd divorce me.

Allow yourself some self praise, what's your proudest blog related moment?

The Toad Sessions.

You're on a plane and the only in-flight movie is Maid In Manhattan. What do you take to:
Listen to: Micah P Hinson
Read: Life by Richard Fortey
Watch: Mongrels

What Scottish artists would you recommend to the Scottish Fiction readers?

PAWS, Smackvan, Now Wakes the Sea.

Do you write your blog with an audience in mind, or do you blog about what's on your mind?

Not really, I just tend to fire out whatever's on my mind.

What do you think blogs bring to the music 'scene'?

They tend to represent the voice of the fan pretty well, they're fairly democratic as pretty much anyone can start one, and they represent a really useful first step on the publicity ladder for an emerging band.

As a reader, what blog(s) do you frequent?

Basement Fever, The Pigeon Post, Gold Flake Paint and Cloud Sounds (which is a podcast).

Thanks very much for talking to us. Would you care to end with a joke?

Q: How did Luke Skywalker know what his dad was getting him for Christmas?
A: He felt his presents.

Check out Song, By Toad here

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